This Week In BJJ - 17th May 2019

Fight 2 Win 112

With worlds right around the corner, the competition scene has quieted down a bit. However, that didn’t stop Fight 2 Win from hosting their 112th event in Fresno this past friday. Here are the highlights from the competition:

Gabriel Arges takes the decision- In a much anticipated matchup the 2x middleweight world champion took on Marcelo Garcia black belt Matheus Diniz. The match was a tightly contested affair. Arges pulled guard and mostly worked from the bottom position. Diniz came in with a good strategy and was able to stay away from Arges leg attacks for the most part and his 50/50 game. He almost secured a guard pass in the opening minutes but, Arges retention proved to slick and he was able to recover by putting a foot in the lapel and spinning out. They traded sweeps towards the final minutes of the match. The judges favored Arges guard attacks and gave him the nod. Hopefully, these two will square off again in the future as it is a matchup that has potential fireworks written all over it. 

Submission of the night - The winners of the award was split between Victor Cervantes and Cole Franson. Cervantes won his match via Calf Crush and Franson took his with a nasty armlock.

Keenan Cornelius vs Nicholas Meregali

Who isn’t pumped for this one? Meregali is hands down the most exciting Gi competitor active today and Keenan is perhaps the most innovative. The two will meet up under the Third Coast Grappling banner on June 21st. Meregali brings an unmatched intensity to ever single match. Good from every position but, an expert with his collar-sleeve guard. On top, his knee cut is brutal, he uses the collar cross face and sleeve control to smash and neutralize the guard. If he gets to your back the match is as good as over.

Keenan is a wizard with the lapel and the world's foremost leader in all sorts of lapel guards. He has been at the black belt level for a long time now and has seen it all. Leg drags and outside passing are his speciality on top. His length gives opponents fits (although Meregali is just as lanky). 

We think we see Keenan pull and look to work from the bottom, hard to predict any one passing the worm masters guard but, Meregali destroyed the competition at Brazilian Nationals, including a submission victory over Kayan Duarte. Going to have to go with Meregali on this one.

Tayane Porfirio Banned 4 years

The Alliance team world champion tested positive for a banned substance after her 2018 Worlds victory. After working through an appeal process, she decided with her team to accept the USADA sanctioned 4 year ban from competition.

What to Look Forward to Next Week

Polaris Pro Grappling 10 - Polaris is back this Saturday the 25th with a stacked card, the main card features MMA legends, Caol Uno and Urijah Faber. Uno will face Leigh Remedios, Faber takes on DDS prodigy Nicky Ryan in the main event of the evening. Circle the co-main event as possible match of the evening, Craig Jones takes the mat against Matheus Lutes. Jones needs no introduction, Lutes is a Marcelo Garcia brown belt who has been making a name for himself with big wins on the IBJJF circuit and the Kasai grappling stage. This guys go after it and it will be fire.Other interesting matches are local Ash Williams takes on another DDS member Ethan Crelinsten and 10th Plant representative Richie Martinez with square of with submission ace Miha Perhavec.

Thank you for reading! Have a good week on the mats and we will see you back here next week.

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This Week In BJJ - 17th May 2019