Gordon Ryan vs Joao Rocha - Preview

He certainly needs no introduction, Ryan has been one of the hottest names in grappling for the last couple of years since bursting onto the scene. The @danaherjohn black belts list of accolades is long and impressive; recently capturing double gold at the 2018 IBJJF Worlds and Pan American No-Gi (earning the submission in 4 of 8 matches at the No-Gi Worlds), winning his weight and finishing second in the absolute at ADCC 2017, and capturing many EBI titles. His name causes people to think of his leg attacks only but, Ryan has developed into an all-around monster showing great submission skills from the back position and a nasty triangle off his back, eye-opening submission defense (watch him defend the armlock against Craig Jones at EBI...yeah) and smothering guard passing. It is hard to see where the opening is to beat him under any rule set. He seems even a touch bit better in the super fight setting vs a tournament.

Rocha’s accomplishments are nothing to sneeze at, a multiple time medalist at IBJJF Worlds and Pan American (Gi), ADCC medalist and Brazilian national champion. Rocha has competed at the highest level against the biggest names for a long time. With over 20 years of BJJ under his belt ( pretty amazing considering he is just 27 years of age) and having Rafael “Formiga” Barbosa as a training partner and mentor expect Rocha more than ready to meet the challenge. Rocha has solid takedowns and world-class guard passing, he fights his heart out every match and this weekend won’t be any different

 Look for Rocha to come out aggressive looking to make the match a physical affair, Early we could see Gordan sit to fight off his back using his butterfly guard and half guard to set up attacks, Rocha will be well aware of the danger to his legs so if he keeps his hips back he will need to watch out for the triangle. Ryan’s attacking guard usually sets him up to come to the top position where he will use his pressure passing finding the mount or back mount. If he finds a dominant position the clock could run out fast on Rocha.

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