Shamil Ranazanov - Masterskya 35mm Photo Series

Shamil Ramazanov was born in Dagestan, Russia and later moved to the United States where he is currently studying biology at the City College of New York. His photography journey began with a digital camera and later transitioned to 35mm where he devoted a large portion of his attention to sports photography, in particular, martial arts.

His familiarity with the art of Brazilian jiu-jitsu from the point of view of a martial artist, as well as his experience in sports photography, enables him to predict and capture intuitively a moment that underlines the mood and style of the composition. With his use of long exposures and camera movements, Shamil is able to emphasize the dynamic and flowing JiuJitsu techniques.

My intention was to capture and share the essence of Brazilian jiu-jitsu not just as a martial art, but as a way of life filled with many elements of a unique subculture.

Shamil Ranazanov

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