enter the GALAXY

Master the most effective guard 

in the Universe With Bradley Hill


Transform Your Game

With the most popular guard in Jiu Jitsu


Impassible guard

Lapel players are notoriously annoying for being difficult to pass! Your opponent cannot simply pass through lapel guard they have to disengage from your grips which allows you to continue attacking while they retreat.


Fully Understand lapel variations

Not one lapel guard rules them all...

Enter the Galaxy is a comprehensive system of all lapel guards including Worm Guard, Squid Guard & never before seen guards such as Galaxy, Wormaconda & Lapelaconda.  


Universal Guard

Lapel Guard is Jiu Jitsu’s great equaliser! The Galaxy System works against all shapes & sizes. It can slow down the fastest of speed passers & keep distance against the strongest pressure passers.


Systematically structured for maximum effectiveness

Chapter 1 - Galaxy Guard (DLR) 

1. Intro

2. Grips & Understanding

3. Clean Sweep

4. Grounded Clean Sweep

5. Berimbolo to Mount

6. Disco

7. Disco to Matrix

8. Galaxy to X Guard

9. DLR Galaxy to Spider Galaxy

Chapter 2 - Galaxy Guard 

1. Intro
2. Grips & Understanding
3. Alternative Grips
4. Guard Retention Strategies
5. Recovering back to Galaxy
7. Lo Sweep
8. Lapelaconda Entry
9. SLX to 50/50
10. Galaxy Knee Bar
11. Matrix

Chapter 3 - Lapelaplata

1. Intro
2. Grips & Understanding
3. Omoplata Sweep
4. Pencil Roll
5. Starfish
6. Grounded Starfish
7. Spinaroonie
8. Knee Bar
9. Matrix
10. Mermaid Worm
11. Outro

Chapter 4 - Worm Guard

1. Intro
2. Grips & Understanding
3. Worm Guard Sweep
4. Worm Back Take
5. Reverse De La Worm
6. Grip Switch Reverse De La Worm
7. Worm Guard Hacks
8. Footlock Worm
9. Footlock Worm Armbar

Chapter 5 - Wormaconda  

1. Intro
2. Grips & Understanding
3. Entry from Worm Guard
4. Entry from RDLR
5. Jean Claude
6. Backwards Roll Sweep
7. Wormaconda Pathways
8. Saddle Entry + Knee Bar
9. Elevator Back Take
10. Toe Hold

Chapter 6 - Lapelaconda 

1. Intro
2. Grips & Understanding
3. Lunch Money Guard
4. Lapelaconda Sweep
5. Double Footed Sweep
6. Belly Down sweep
7. Toe Hold
8. Belly Down Toe Hold
9. Matrix

Who is Bradley Hill?


3x IBJJF World Medallist 

2x IBJJF European Champion

British National Champion (Weight & Absolute) 

2x Polaris Superfight Winner

Martial Arts Journey

Bradley Hill is a Black Belt competitor under Braulio Estima. Bradley has travelled the world from Los Angeles to Tokyo & all across Europe sharing his secrets & since refined his teaching methods from visiting multiple international academies. Not only is Bradley an avid competitor but a passionate coach taking his students from IBJJF International Gold all the way to World Championship finals!.



I'm new to JiuJitsu, is this instructional good for me?

Enter The Galaxy is a fully comprehensive system of lapel guards. Starting with the most basic variations than can be applied to any game & as you progress through the course you will learn complex guards but, your understanding will improve through the guided tuition of Bradley Hill.

Is this a physical copy (DVD)?

No, In order to cut down on costs we're currently only offering Digital Downloads. This means we can spend more of our budget on bringing you guys the best possible product. 

What happens when I pay for the digital download?

As soon as the payment has gone through you will receive a confirmation email, a few minutes later you will receive a separate email with more information about viewing your instructional.

What did you guys shoot on?

All our instructional are shot on Sony FS5's and Sony A7sii & A6500.

enter the GALAXY

Master the most effective guard 

in the Universe With Bradley Hill