Ffion reveals some of the core concepts and positions that have led to her having a breakout debut year at the black belt level. As a freshman black belt, she has already established herself as one of the best competitors in the world. In this course, Ffion explains in detail how she has been able to pass and submit so many of her opponents.By simplifying each positions mechanics and “why”, Ffion has made her approach to attacking the half guard easy to learn for all! This course will make a difference in your game immediately.
Learn the core principles of using the knee cut to pass the half guard and Knee shield position. Understand how to pass the half guard and knee shield, while putting yourself in position to submit your opponent.


Who is Ffion Davies?


If you don’t know who Ffion Davies is yet, you have not been following the BJJ competition circuit closely. With titles such as Black belt IBJJF No-Gi World Champion (2018), IBJFF Pan-American Champion (2019), IBJJF European Champion (2019) Polaris Lightweight Champion, and ADCC European Trials Champion. With wins over the likes of Gezary Matuda, Bianca Basililo, and Emilia Tuukkanen-and all in her FIRST year at black belt, you soon will know her name.

Martial Arts Journey

Her martial arts journey started at the age of 8 with Judo, competing often and even making the Welsh National Judo team. Ffion would eventually leave Judo and martial arts in her teenage years before deciding to return and focus on MMA in 2013. After successfully winning her first four fights (three amateur and one professional) Ffion decided to focus on her love of competition and training in the gi. With the transition, Ffion went to Ireland to visit East Coast Jiu-Jitsu and train with Riberio brothers black belt Darragh O’Conail. Finding the training to be what she was looking for she decided to settle in Ireland. 

JiuJitsu Game 

Despite coming from a high-level Judo background Ffion has shown that she can do more than takedown and throw. Often pulling guard and using the De La Riva guard and Reverse De La Riva to attack her opponents back or work for the top position. Guard passing is where she has shown the brightest. Using a powerful knee slice to pass the guard, set up the mount or take the back. After achieving a dominate position she has shown a talent to find the submission. This style along with her success has quickly made Ffion into a fan favorite and a must watch. Always showing up to the next competition with improved techniques and new tricks, Ffion could be the latest freshman black belt to claim an IBJJF World Championship title in their debut year. 

The Future

Ffion has had an incredible start to her black belt career with wins over accomplished veterans and capturing major titles. She will look to finish the year off even stronger by attempting to be the first Non-Brazilian women to win a black belt title at the Brazilian nationals. A month later she will attempt to capture her first black belt world title in the gi. With these two wins, Ffion would complete the "Grandslam" in her first year at black belt. Always working on improving her game and mental approach to competition, with a strong team of training partners and coaches behind her the future is certainly bright for the Welsh star.