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What's included

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This bundle features both GI and NoGi instructionals, all three instructionals feature core techniques & principles that will help you crush your rivals. 


Huge savings! The total cost of the downloads is over £90 so you're getting a pretty good deal!


Darragh & Ffion are both world class competitors and instructors. This is the perfect bundle for anyone looking to add some real effective techniques and principles to their game. 

Meet Your Instructors

Ffion Davies 

No-gi World Champion, European Champion, Brazilian Nationals Champion, Pan American Champion, Polaris Lightweight Champion x2, 2nd at World Championships, 2nd ADCC championship… All in her first year as a black belt! Oh and Ffion is just 24 years old. Yeah we know Ffion is Welsh but 'Irish JiuJisu' sounds snappier than 'Irish and Welsh JiuJitsu'.

Darragh O'Conaill

Being one of the most experienced grapplers in his training room since the Purple belt. Darragh took it upon himself to learn from the best grapplers around the world. Travelling all over to learn and compete. He would also watch endless amounts of technique and competition videos while home in Ireland. He developed a unique game creating his own unique positions and variations of existing techniques.

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