Kameron Atakuru walks through each detail of his front head lock system that he’s used to brutalize many opponents on the MMA, Wrestling and BJJ mats. As the head coach of ASW Manchester, Kam understands how to show the key principles of his system while explaining the why and mechanics of each position. With elite level experience in the competition scene, Kam reaches into his veterans depth of knowledge to systemize the positions he uses to break opponents on to his way to the submission. Don’t miss out on learning from one of England's top grapplers and coaches.



  • 1 - Hand Fighting & Collar Tie

  • 2 - Establishing The Front Headlock

  • 3 - Chin Strap Go-Behind

  • 4 - Outside Heel Hook From Front Headlock

  • 5 - Front Headlock Throw By

    6 - Schultz Front Headlock

    7 - Dagestani Handcuff/Hammer Lock

    8 - Head & Arm Choke from Dagestani Handcuff

    9 - Back Take from Dagestani Handcuff

    10 - Submission Chain from Dagestani Handcuff

    11 - Brutal Kimura Grip Breaks

  • Learn how to break your opponents from the front headlock

  • Learn from one of England's top Grapplers

  • Winning the front headlock is a key moment in any match. Start winning today


Never miss a detail. Filmed from multiple angles to ensure the best possible viewing experience. Crystal clear audio and sharp HD visuals. 


Break limbs, not your bank balance. Over 40 minutes of detailed instruction, each technique is taught twice in detail and demonstrated at speed from multiple angles.


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Who is Kameron Atakuru?


Widely considered as one of the best grapplers to come from the North of England, Kam has experience in MMA, Grappling, Wrestling, Catch Wrestling and BJJ. Kam has taken his competition success and brought it into his current role as the head coach of ASW Manchester. His first introduction to sports was through his father who was a competitive arm wrestler. His father put him into football at an early age, Kam took to it right away. He focused on football as a youth, playing to a high level. As he progressed he began to look for different outlets when a friend introduced him to JKD and Muay Thai. In the same facility, there was a group that was starting to train BJJ in the Gi. Kam tried it out and he has not looked back since.

Grappling Game

A favourite quote of Kam’s is by Jone Jones “ I want to have the best guard game that the world has never seen.” He is known for being an explosive wrestler, an expert from the top position and a nasty submission artist. One of Kam's main focuses is working on the transitions between the standing work and the mat work. As well as understanding how to blend and combine techniques from varieties grappling styles. These focus areas have lead Kam to having a very unique (and brutal) style of grappling which he has used to break opponents on the grappling mat and in the cage. In recent years he has been passing this style along to his students of having seen much success in every competition setting.


I'm new to JiuJitsu, is this instructional good for me?

Yes! this instructional is great for both beginners looking to build a solid foundation on the headlock position and also for advanced players looking to add this to their game. Kam has an incredibly detailed understanding of the position! 

Is this a physical copy (DVD)?

No, In order to cut down on costs we're currently only offering Digital Downloads. This means we can spend more of our budget on bringing you guys the best possible product. 

What happens when I pay for the digital download?

As soon as the payment has gone through you will receive a confirmation email, a few minutes later you will receive a separate email with a download link. 

What did you guys shoot on?

All our instructional are shot on Sony FS5's and Sony A7sii. A combination of 4k and 1080p footage. We use a mix of LAV mics and shotgun mics. Production value is very important to us, we hope you appreciate the quality.