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 In 2019 as a freshman black belt Kaynan won the +99KG division at ADCC, 

IBJJF World Championships. European C'ships, Pan-Am C'ships, UAEJJF 

Abu Dhabi Pro, Kasai GP and Spyder GP. 

This was the greatest year any competitor 

 has ever had as a first-year black belt.

For the first time ever, Kaynan will share the techniques he invented and used

to achieve these amazing accomplishments. Dive deep into 

details on how and why each position works. 


WINS OF 2019

  • Nicholas Meregali

  • Marcus Buchecha Almeida

  • Leandro Lo

  • Rodolfo Vieira 

  • Yuri Simoes

  • Nicky Rodriguez

  • Felipe Andrew

  • Joao Rocha

  • Rudson Mateus

  • Erberth Santos

  • Adam Wardzinski


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kaynan duarte

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