Unstoppable JiuJitsu techniques, used by

the #1 grappler in the world.

Fresh off the greatest year a freshman black belt has ever had, Kaynan Duarte shares the details and concepts behind his guard game. For the first time ever, Kaynan breaks down step by step exactly how each position works and why it works. He also shares never before seen techniques which he created and developed. These are the techniques he used to win gold at the IBJJF Worlds and ADCC (and many more) overcoming the likes of Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida, Rodolfo Veira, Leandro Lo, Nicholas Meragali and Craig Jones.

  • Learn core techniques and concepts that are proven in competition

  • Never before seen techniques which Kaynan teaches for the first time ever

  • Upgrade your guard for the modern era of Jiu-Jitsu




Chapter 1 - Single Leg X

1. DLR To SLX Entry 

2. DLR To Basic SLX Sweep

3. Basic Sweep Variation #2

4. Basic Sweep Variation #3  

5. Countering The Sleeve Control

6. Basic Sweep To Footlock

Chapter 2 - Single Leg X (Advanced)

1. Countering Knee On Belly With Toehold
2. Entering SLX Countering Sleeve Control
3. Tripod Sweep From DLR
4. Entry To SLX Without Pant Or Collar Control
5. Shin Entry To SLX Sweep
6. DLR To Outside Sankaku 
7. Kneecut From Outside Sankaku 

Chapter 3 - Elevator


1. Basic Sweep With Sleeve Control 
2. Technical Stand Up Sweep 
3. Elevator Entry From SLX 
4. Elevator Key Details 
5. Spin Inside From Elevator 
6. Footlock Counter From Elevator 
7. Elevator To X Guard

Chapter 4 - 50/50 Guard 

1. Elevator Transition To 50/50 Backtake 
2. Kneebar From 50/50 
3. Breaking Apart The 50/50 
4. 50/50 Leg Drag 
5. 50/50 Inside Spin Options To Leg Drag 
6. 50/50 Leg Push Pass

Chapter 5 - Attacking X-Guard 


1. Breaking Apart SLX 
2. Long Step Pass 
3. Toehold Against SLX 
4. Berimbolo From SLX 
5. Passing X Guard With Leg Circle Pass 
6. Passing Reverse X Guard to Mount 
7. Berimbolo from Reverse X Guard


Who is Kaynan Duarte?


In 2019 as a freshman black belt Kaynan won the +99KG division at ADCC, IBJJF World Championships. European Championships, Pan-American Championships, UAEJJF Abu Dhabi Pro, Kasai GP and Spyder GP. In this year alone Kaynan has scored victories of Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida, Rodolfo Veira, Leandro Lo, Nicholas Meragali, Yuri Simoes, Craig Jones and Patrick Gaudio. This was the greatest year any competitor has ever had as a first-year black belt.

Martial Arts Journey

Originally from São Paulo, Brazil, Kaynan’s first martial art was Judo but quickly his experience in Judo let him to BJJ. Always looking to improve, Kaynan would make trips to PSLPB to train under the eyes of Cicero Costa and Baurau to work with Coach Ledesna who was affiliated with Atos. Kaynan would make his first trip to Atos HQ in 2016 were he quickly formed a strong bond with team leader Andre Galvao. He first caught the eyes of the Jiu Jitsu World in 2017 when he won the ultra-competitive Brazil ADCC trials as a 19-year-old Purple belt. Since then Kaynan has taken the BJJ world by storm. Around this time Kaynan would relocate to San Diego, California to train alongside Jiu Jitsu Legend Andre Galvao. Here Kaynan would receive his brown and black belts while going on to win every major event both Gi and Nogi.



I'm new to JiuJitsu, is this instructional good for me?

Yes! this instructional is great for both beginners and experienced players. Kaynan has used these techniques at the highest level of competition, he breaks each detail down so it's easy to follow along. 

Is this a physical copy (DVD)?

No, In order to cut down on costs we're currently only offering Digital Downloads. This means we can spend more of our budget on bringing you guys the best possible product. 

What happens when I pay for the digital download?

As soon as the payment has gone through you will receive a confirmation email, a few minutes later you will receive a separate email with a link to access your content.  

What did you guys shoot on?

All our instructional are shot on Sony FS5's and Sony A7sii & A6500. A combination of 4k and 1080p footage. We use a mix of LAV mics and shotgun mics. Production value is very important to us, we hope you appreciate the quality.