Sebastian Brosche of Yoga for BJJ shares his key concepts that he's mastered during his 20+ years of martial arts. In this digital download, Sebastian goes over how he passes the DLR guard and the strategies he uses to control and submit his opponent from the side control.



Part 1 - DLR Passing

  • 1.1 - Counter basing

  • 1.2 - Sacrum Balance

  • 1.3 - Controlling the thighs

  • 1.4 - Keeping the legs free

  • 1.5 - Twisting the spine 

    2 - Baiting DLR to Knee Slice

    3 - Guillotine to Knee Slice Combo

    4 - kimura/crucifix

  • 5 - kimura/crucifix variation

  • 6 - Backstep Pass                                      

  • 7 - Deep DLR Sprawl to ¼ Mount

  • 8 - Jesus Pass  

  • 9 - Gordon Ryan Lift Concept

    10 - Matrix Defence to Leg Drag

Part 2 - Side Control

  • 1.1 - Separating the elbows

  • 1.2 - Twisting the spine

  • 1.3 - Multifunctional grip

  • 1.4 - Disrupting breathing & switching hips

  • 2 - Separating the close arm sub chain

    3 - Bread cutter/baseball bat choke combo

    4 - Separating the far arm sub chain

    5 - The correct way to do knee on belly

  • 6 - Countering the underhook sub chain      

  • 7 - Half guard surrender into scarf hold

  • 8 - Countering the stiff arm sub chain

  • 9 - Reverse side control

  • 10 - High side d’arce

  • Learn the core principles of DLR Passing

  • Take your BJJ to the next level, smash your opponents DLR and control them from the side control

  • Dominate and submit your opponent from Side Control 


Never miss a detail. Filmed from multiple angles to ensure the best possible viewing experience. Crystal clear audio and sharp HD visuals. 


Break limbs, not your bank balance. 50 minutes of detailed instruction, each technique is taught twice in detail and demonstrated at speed from multiple angles.


Once you complete your purchase you will be sent a link, you can choose to view the instructional online or download it directly to your phone or PC. 

Who is Sebastian Brosche?


Sebastian is a black belt from Eduardo Rios and founder of Yoga for BJJ. Sebastian has competed at major BJJ events around the world for the last decade. He is a mutli-time medalist at the IBJJF World and European Championship among other international accolades Sebastian has also taken his Yoga and BJJ learning across the world to teach classes and seminars to thousands of students.

Martial Arts Journey 

Starting in Judo at 7 years old, Sebastian quickly fell in love with martial arts and actively trained in Judo until at age 23 Sebastian began adding submission wrestling to his training schedule. He quickly fell in love with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and made that the focus of his martial art pursuits. He received his blue belt in his native Sweden before relocating to Norway. Once in Norway, Sebastian came under the tutelage of Eduardo Rios, Leader of Frontline. In 2011 after experiencing injury and pain from years of BJJ and Judo Sebastian was introduced to Yoga which, we would actively pursue and go on to found Yoga for BJJ

The Future

Sebastian has helped thousands of BJJ and martial art participants with his online platform Yoga for BJJ. He has now taken off across the globe to share his knowledge and help train others to teach his system to help other martial artists. Ever-present on the competition circuit, keep an eye on Sebastian competiting in a city near you! Make sure to take the opportunity to do BJJ, Judo or Yoga with Sebastian if he is in your part of the world.


I'm new to JiuJitsu, is this instructional good for me?

Yes! this instructional is great for both beginners and experienced players. Seb has used these techniques at the highest level of competition over the last 10 years, he goes into extreme detail and each technique systematically flows from one to the next. 

Is this a physical copy (DVD)?

No, In order to cut down on costs we're currently only offering Digital Downloads. This means we can spend more of our budget on bringing you guys the best possible product. 

What happens when I pay for the digital download?

As soon as the payment has gone through you will receive a confirmation email, a few minutes later you will receive a separate email with a link to access your content.  

What did you guys shoot on?

All our instructional are shot on Sony FS5's and Sony A7sii & A6500. A combination of 4k and 1080p footage. We use a mix of LAV mics and shotgun mics. Production value is very important to us, we hope you appreciate the quality.