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Triangle Framing

Ash Williams

BJJF European Champion (2016), Polaris Lightweight and Bantamweight Champion, Kasai Veteran and EBI Veteran. Ash has long been considered one of the UK’s top No-gi grapplers, having success both in the tournament and superfight format. He holds wins over notable grapplers such as, Richard Alacrcon, Ben Eddy, Ethan Crelinsten, Frank Rosenthal, Masakazu Imanari, Rafeal Freitas and Kamil Wilk

Martial Arts Journey

Originally from Wales, Ash began his martial arts journey at age 6 with Japenese Jiu-Jitsu. He would go on to try Judo and Kickboxing. By age 15 Ash and his twin brother Joshua were looking to channel their training into a competition endeavor. Their coached recommended they give BJJ a try. The brothers signup at their local gym (CRA HQ), after one month of training they jumped into a competition. Ash did not get the success he hoped for but, was hooked to the training and competing lifestyle offered by BJJ. In 2015 after a success coloured belt career Ash was promoted to the rank of Black belt by Chris Rees. Since then Ash has won the IBJJF No-Gi Europeans and become the Polaris Lightweight and Bantamweight champion

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