Over the last few decades, BJJ has gone from a martial art whispered between those in the know, to a thriving sport, culture, and huge community of practitioners. 

 You can find BJJ gyms in every corner of the globe, with some academies boasting over 1000 members, and with this growth, gym owners have been investing more money than ever.

However, with the sudden appearance and rise of Covid-19, the whole world has gone into shock, with many countries grinding to a halt. BJJ is in real trouble.We understand that right now isn’t easy, we are all self isolating, time rich but culturally poor. With gyms closed, getting in your training can be difficult, but we’d like to do our part. 

 Right now we’re offering 35% off all our instructionals, just use the code GC35 at the checkout.We’ve also collected all the best free content/trials in Jiu Jitsu right now, hopefully they can go some way to help get your training in.  

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