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Wrestling for jiujitsu

dominate From The Standing Position and Dictate Where the Fight Goes With Kam Atakuru

enter the GALAXY

Master the most effective guard 

in the Universe With Bradley Hill


Darragh O'Conaill - X Guard Masterclass

Learn entries from standing, the seated guard, the waiter sweep and how to transition to the fishnet. Take your X Guard to the next level!

BRADACONDA - Bradley Hill

Fresh off of his Polaris victory, Bradley demonstrates how to dominate opponents with pressure based passing that leads to the Head & Arm choke

Kaynan Duarte - Modern Guard Masterclass

Kaynan Duarte - Modern Guard Masterclass

Fresh off the greatest year a freshman black belt has ever had, Kaynan Duarte shares the details and concepts behind his guard game. For the first time ever Kaynan breaks down step by step exactly how each position works and why it works.

Arya Esfandmaz - Single Leg X Attacks

Arya Esfandmaz - Single Leg X Attacks

In his first-ever Instructional top European black belt Arya Esfandmaz shares game-changing details from the Single Leg X Guard.

Images of Ash Williams Digital Download

Ash Williams - Z-Guard

In this instructional Ash will go into detail on how is able to sweep, submit, recover and maintain the Z-guard position even at the highest levels of grappling.

Ffion Davies Takedowns to Back Attacks

Ffion Davies - Takedowns to Back Attacks

Ffion shares the key takedowns and submissions from back control that she's used to become one of the most dominant grapplers this year.


OMOPLATAMAN - Bradley Hill

OMOPLATAMAN - Bradley Hill

This submission is perfect for players with a shorter stockier frame. Can't finish your triangle chokes because your legs are too short? The Omoplata is the move for you!

image of Sebastian brosche digital downloads

Sebastian Brosche - DLR Passing & Side Control Concepts

Sebastian Brosche of Yoga for BJJ shares his key concepts for passing the DLR guard and the strategies he uses to control and submit his opponent from the side control.

Jackson Sousa - Dynamic Guard Passing

Jackson Sousa - Dynamic Guard Passing

For the first time ever, Jackson Sousa systematically explains how he became one of the world’s best guard passers. With the industry’s best production quality you won’t miss a single detail as Jackson breaks down each position in his guard passing system.


Image of Darragh Oconnail Digital Download

Darragh O Conaill - Guillotine Masterclass

Image of Ross Nicholls  2 part digitial download series

Ross Nicholls - Systematic Attacks - Part 1 + Part 2

Images of Kam Atakuru's digital download

Kam Atakuru - Headlock Attacks

Image of Talita Alencar digital download

Talita Alencar - Attacking the Open Guard

IBJJF Black Belt World Champion ( Gi and No-Gi) Talita Alencar shares for the first time the passing and submission attacks she uses in competition to win the most prestigious titles in the world.

Image of Ross Nicholls mini heel hook digitial download

Ross Nicholls - Heel Hook 101 Mini Series



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