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'The Grapple Club' was founded in 2017 with the goal of producing quality grappling content. We always felt there was good content out there but everyone was focusing on their specific martial arts. That's why we created GC, from the beginning our aim was to explore all Grappling arts, from traditional wrestling to modern day JiuJitsu. Our goal is to create top quality content and products. We work with some of the best artists in the world, we have a team of regular contributors that help us spread our passion for Grappling. 

 From limited edition drops to exclusive collaborations, everything is created by grapplers for grapplers. Everything you'll find on our website is made with care and attention. 


Josh - @josh.hal


Founder and Contributor, Josh has spent the last 10 years documenting martial arts. Anything from traditional wrestling to modern MMA! Josh is a regular contributor on GC specializing in both documentary video

 and photography.

Helena - @helenacurtis


Helena has spent around 6 years documenting martial arts, specifically Wrestling and JiuJitsu. She has travelled the world documenting International wrestling events. Helena specializes in photography and documentary video. 

Dan - @thegrapplingdev

Development & Operations

Forces Veteran, dedicated BJJ practitioner 

and professional problem solver, Dan works on 

the Development & Operations side of GC. When

not glued to a keyboard, you can find him on the mats in a nice pair of spats. 

Bane - @banejitsu


Bane Visnjic is widely considered one of the best photographers in the JiuJitsu community. His individual style and use of high contrast black & white imagery offers a unique perspective on the subject. When he's not matside he's often working the red carpets as the in-house photographer for the Screen Actors Guild.

Max - @maxrosefyne


Max has been a regular contributor at GC since the beginning, specializing in Portrait photography. Max brings a unique view to his sports images. Like Helena, Max has travelled the world documenting Wrestling and JiuJitsu events.