Ross Free gringo sweep

Gringo Sweep from Telephone Armbar 

Ross Nicholls

Originally from Wales, Ross started his martial arts journey at age 6 with Aikido, a discipline he would study until age 14. After this time Ross began to study Jiu-Jitsu being introduced to the world of grappling through his good friends the Kox brothers. Kevin Kox was promoted to purple belt around this time and became Ross’s first BJJ instructor. Leaving Wales one year into his Jiu-Jitsu training to study biomedical science in London, Ross began training under Cesar Lima and Roger Gracie. London would become his permanent home after university and in 2014 Ross received the Black Belt from Cesar and Roger.


Ross is an ADCC European Champion, 3x Polaris Superfight winner, IBJFF No-Gi British National Champion, 2019 #5 Ranked (77KG) No-Gi grappler in the world (Flograppling) and Roger Gracie Black Belt. Ross has been known in the European circuit for many years as a top Lightweight competitor. In recent years he has become known to a wider world audience as a submission ace with wins over Mateusz Gamrot, Gianni Grippo, Nathan Orchard, Tommi Pulkkanen, Oliver Lovell and Darragh O’Conaill

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